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Learning English Pictures, summaries and highlights from our meetings.

Meeting Summaries

Meetings are usually held on Wednesdays and Sundays at 5PM

1st Sunday: Do a Favor; 2nd Sunday: Mafia & other games; 3rd Sunday: Karaoke; 4th Sunday: City Tours

NJE 9th of April Concert

Our second concert will be on the 9th of April at 18:00 in Ahmed Hamdi Tanpınar Museum. We are bringing different styles of music together and providing you with an extra-ordinary experience of music in our monthly concerts.

Tickets for the Concert

Istanbul Excursions

I haven't been able to update my website as organizing all of these events consume a lot of time. However, We have successfully made our first concert and on the 11th of February we will be going around the town to learn more about Istanbul, have fun, burn some calories, take photos, and practice English. Write to me to join our whatsapp group to learn more about the event and participate. We will be making these excursions twice a month.

Concert on January 31

We are organizing a concert at Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Library on the 31st of January, Wednesday. The repertoire so far consists of:

The list is subject to change. It will be kept updated. Thank you for your participation. It was a beautiful concert. See you in our next concert. If you are a musician or you know good musicians, write to me to participate in our future concerts.

House Party

EventBrite registration link The House Party was quite some fun. We will soon upload the pictures on our instagram account. Instagram poster

January 14, 2018

On our first game week, we first talked about what makes a good game. We wrote down a list of criteria which are as follows:

  • A game should allow people to collaborate on a shared goal and create a feeling of unity, because competitive games make people fight with each other.
  • It should be neither too complicated nor too easy.
  • It should help the players learn through the activity and develop their skills.
  • It should be versatile and inclusive
  • Lukas(Barış)
  • It should be strategic, and should let people devise new ways to reach a goal.
  • There should be competition and a goal.
14 January meeting Delimonti

January 10, 2018

New members keep coming in. This time we had 13 people in our meeting. I think we will soon need a conference hall! The cafe turned out to be too small for a crowd of 13. Here is a picture: Meeting Photo Blum Cafe's Home Page

7 Jan

Summary Do a Favor activity.

  • Getting over Prejudices in society...
  • Solar Energy Bubble in Germany(?)
  • Creating Awareness about environment, sustainable energy report
  • Fair Phone (modular phone design)
  • Connecting efforts with Greenpeace, TEMA, & other NGO's
  • Planting Trees
  • What can we do for poor people?
ihtiyaç haritası meeting 07-JAN